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 "...Triin Ruubel interprets this "great memory" with expression of nostalgia, through wide chants. The largesse is one of the qualities of Ruubel, perceptible in the melodies of Mendelssohn which she presents in rich phrasing..."



"... SIe verfügt über Schwung, einen glänzenden Ton, Reaktsionsschnelle, charismatische Ausstrahlung."    


                                                                                                                                                     Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 


  "... Pale, blue-eyed and flaxed-haired, a 110% team player, quietly yet charismatically reigning over the field, placing the music first, she gave the kind of fearless performance you’d expect: projected and poetic, caressing her instrument ..."  





Elgar Violin Concerto CD out!!!

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Neeme Järvi. 

"...Triin Ruubel is less well-known worldwide, but she’s a top-notch violinist, and the fact that she spends much of her time as leader of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra means some ideal fine tuning with her fellow players, in naturally balanced sound, for what amounts to a symphony-concerto; the non-showy way in which the soloist comes to life on her first entry is typical of the interpretation. Musical lines swell from the introspective to the extrovert and back; bravura comes to the fore in the finale, only for time to stand still in that most magical of all cadenzas..."



BBC Music Magazine 

"...We all have our different favourites when it comes to a major work like Elgar's Violin Concerto, and in a crowded market this new disc has the virtue of making us listen again. The elegance, the sense of line and the fine grain to Ruubel's violin playing are allied to a fine technique and a sympathy to the ebb and flow of complex emotion in this work, and in this she is finely supported by Neeme Järvi and the orchestra..."



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